Payment Gateway Terms

Payment gateway is a web solution that enables accommodation providers to accept online payments via

  • Credit cards with Master / Visa Card
  • International Debit Cards with Master / Visa Card
  • Net Banking Payment
  • Indian Bank Debit Cards

Trip Maestro will not asked to provide your online banking username or password to access your “Account Access Data”. Trip Maestro does not want any such information.

When you are booking through online or by phone Contact : 044-43500123 / 8870424625, for more details.

When you use a Local Payment Method to make payment, you must authenticate and approve payment directly on your financial institution’s website. While logging your account with the applicable Local Payment Methods, you will find the amount that you have transacted on our Website and you must confirm and authorize the payment for our services.

We will promptly generate an electronic mail (“email”) notification to the email address provided by you at the time of booking.

Trip, will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever in the event the email notification fails to be delivered to the email address provided by you due to any reason which is beyond the control of, including without limitation a break down in your internet connection.

  • Price and availability is not guaranteed until the booking is confirmed. 
  • If you fail to return to our Website or do not complete the payment process within 20 minutes, your booking will be unsuccessful and your itinerary will be cancelled. We will promptly generate an email notification to the email address you provided that the booking was unsuccessful. will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever in the event the email notification fails to be delivered. 
  • Avenues (India) Pvt. Ltd. (“CC Avenue”) has been authorized to process online payment transactions on behalf of The name CC Avenue will appear as the merchant name associated with your transaction and on the statement provided by your financial institution. 
  • Your financial institution may impose an additional fee or other charges to use their payment services (“Payment Servicing Fees”). does not determine or assess such Payment Servicing Fees. 
  • If payment is completed, but the booking is not confirmed by us, your funds will not be sent to, Instead, CC Avenue will hold the funds and we will request CC Avenue to return such funds to the originating source. 
  • Making a successful payment is not a contract, and, makes no guarantee that the travel service or product will continue to be available or be available at the same price in the event a booking is not confirmed. 
  • have no obligation to replace the unconfirmed booking, accept another booking in lieu of the unconfirmed booking, or to compensate for such unconfirmed booking.

Any subsequent bookings will be treated as a new transaction and will require a new and separate payment. No booking information will be carried over from any previous itinerary. No payment made for a prior unsuccessful booking can be applied towards your booking.


The process in ecommerce payment gateway begins when the customer makes an order for the product available on your site. The customer enters the details required for the credit card processing. As this information is very sensitive, it is transferred to the server of merchant in a coded format. Further the message is transferred to the gateway and then to the bank. The feedback being obtained from the bank is then sent to the merchant as well as the customer.

Online payment gateway services are used to pay or purchase online through any supportive cards likely credit card, debit card, master cards or visa cards. A payment gateway facilitates thetransfer of information between a payment portal and the Front End Processor. When a customer orders a product from a payment gateway-enabled merchant, the payment gateway performs a variety of tasks to process the transaction. We provide this service without any replications and errors.

Providing various options of ecommerce payment gateway is fruitful in order to render good services to customers but essential to know complete information about each of them.

Sellers should estimate the correct transaction cost on each sale, pre-calculations and about all the terms & conditions of using payment gateway.

It is important to know by the end of seller that most of the payment gateway systems use to provide fraud prevention services such as AVS (Address Verification Number) and CVV (Card Verification Value). Most of the credit card companies are offering this authentication procedure of CVV for the prevention of fraud practices, in the signature area of master & visa cards.

  • CVV (Card Verification Value)  is last three digit numbers just after credit card number.
  • AVS (Address Verification Number) used for the verification and identification of card owner.

Offering error-free ecommerce solutions such as payment gateway system for customers is critical without complete knowledge, to avoid further troubles regarding commercial transactions seller should be aware of complete and correct process of making payments.

We have Safeguards to Protect Your Information?
All Payments on the website is comes under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Secured using “Verizon”, helps secure web connections – allowing your users to conduct business with confidence.
SSL encryption is a proven coding system that lets your browser automatically encrypt, or scramble, data before you send it to us. The same process happens when you make travel purchases on the Website.


We are committed to protecting your security.

We keep your login details confidential in a sensitive manner - We employ appropriate best–of–class technical security measures to protect your personal information, such as assigned your username, security codes. So we ask that you please keep your username and password strictly confidential.

While you access our site, either using Chrome, Firefox, Internet or any other browser your URL Changes to https:// Your address bar will display in green or a lock will appear.

We monitor and review transactions on an on-going basis, to identify potentially fraudulent situations and take immediate corrective steps to mitigate/limit any damage caused/likely